My Evening with the Father of Video Games

About 8 years ago I had a chance to meet the father of video games, Ralph Baer. He invited me to come and have tea at his house outside of Boston. I was in full nerd mode, and I took my two classic SIMON games for him to sign, because he invented that too!

We had tea, and he and I talked about gaming and getting old. Then he invited me down to his workshop. Down there he has a history of his career. He has countless variety of SIMON games, from all over the world. He had every toy he ever created, and above all, he had an original “Brown Box”. This is what became it became the entire gaming sector.

This day started a friendship that lasted for years. He wrote the forward to AbleGamers’ Aging and Gaming WHITEPAPER, and would just send me good thoughts when he saw AbleGamers in the news. He passed away in Dec of 2014. Check out the video below!

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