Advances in Computers, Vol. 15 by Morris Rubinoff, Marshall C. Yovits

By Morris Rubinoff, Marshall C. Yovits

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The user might ask How many red pyramids are supported by green blocks? and again the same THFIND ALL code would be used. This time the cardinality of the resulting set would be given as the answer. The user might ask the question When was a red pyramid supported by a green block? or Why was a red pyramid supported by a green block? Here the system must reference an event list that is maintained throughout the dialogue, giving the major events that have occurred and the reasons associated with them.

The processing of natural languages has been studied by large numbers of individuals such as Bobrow (1968), Coles (1968)) Heidorn (1974)) Shank (1972), Simmons et al. (1968)) Winograd (1972)) and Woods (1970). It is important that at least one of these works be discussed here, and the work of Winograd seems appropriate for the purpose of this chapter. 3 attempts to show approximately how PLANNER code can be generated from an English language input. 2 Syntactic Analysis Winograd’s syntactic analysis of English is based upon systemic gramas developed by Halliday (1967, 1970).

In the case of program synthesis, the theorem to be proved is Vx 32 R(x, 2) so the proper form of the induction rule is + 1, WzR(0,YZ), VYI (JY R(YI,~ 2 3 ) 3 ~ R(YI 3 vx 32 R ( x , 2) ~ 3 ) ) Associated with this induction rule is the program of Fig. 17, which in- 35 APPROACHES TO AUTOMATIC PROGRAMMING cludes the desired loop. That is, if the premises of the induction rule can be proven, this program is guaranteed to compute the z asserted to exist in the conclusion of the induction rule. The unknown quantities a and g in the program are discovered in the process of proving the premises.

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