Abstracts of the 65th congress of the German Society of by K. Schimrigk

By K. Schimrigk

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Different to previous studies the paradigm we used was predictive saccadic tracking with well-defined preceeding periods of ocular motor rest er activity in order to detect myotonic phenomena. 0 Hz). With the head fixed tightly, we recorded eye movements with the infrared technique on audio-magnetic tape (bandwith DC to 150 Hz) and analyzed target position, amplitude and velocity off rectilinear UV-plotter charts. Saccadic amplitude and velocity data were collected 1) after preceeding resting periods of 1 minutes (eyes closed) and 2) going through 2 different frequencies up and down without resting interval.

At the age of 8 months two generalized seizures were noted. 9 months 1 ater severe myocloni c-astati c sei zures occurred. By the age of 22 months the child developed a pseudomembranous conjunctivitis with thickening of the upper eyelid and moderate amount of discharge. First only the right eye was affected, later both eyes were involved. The girl was treated with different therapies including topical steroids, local cyclosporin A, and alpha-chymotrypsin without discernible improvement. The large membranes were removed surgically on two occassions, but they recurred immediately.

It is visible that the classification model of the neural net is superior to that of (inappropriate) linear statistical methods. The usefulnes for classification of external data which were not learned by the net has still to be examined. For practice a similar proceeding with an integrative expert rating as 'predictor' can yield a more intelligent alternative to the assessment of sumscores. PROGNET - Prognostic Neuronal Network in neurology. Klaus Spitzer, Klaus Kunze, Andreas Thie Neurologische Universitätsklinik Hamburg-Eppendorf It is important to recognize in good time trends in the number of beds occupled, duration of hospitalization and incidence of neurological diseases treated in hospital in order to attain optimal utilization of staff and equipment capacities of a neurological hospital.

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