A Werewolf Among Us by Dean R. Koontz

By Dean R. Koontz

HE used to be A CYBERDETECTIVE--A SUPER-MAN... People--ordinary people--were frightened of Baker St. Cyr. Patiently the cyberdetective might clarify that the pc half his investigatory symbiosis didn't "take over" whilst his human part joined with it. "A cyberdetective is an element guy and half computing device, meshed as thoroughly because the can ever be. The hugely microminiaturized parts of the bio-computer take note and relate issues in a superbly mathematical demeanour human brain might by no means simply take hold of, whereas the human 1/2 the symbiote provides a conception of feelings and emotional motivations that the bio-computer might by no means understand. jointly we make an exact and thorough detective unit." and likewise a truly harmful creature. Which St. Cyr by no means went directly to explain...

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St. Cyr looked back at her, expecting some kind of change, though he could not guess what. She was the same as she had been: old. He felt a breeze across his face, cool and pleasant. When he turned to see if the trailer door had been opened, he found that he could no longer see a door. Page 48 Midpoint in its length, the room grew hazy and metamorphosed into a forest, the slick trunks of the Dead Men rising on every side, sparse vegetation tangled across the woodland floor. A telepathic projectionist.

Similar calls to fedgov agencies produced the same results. No, the Darmanian police had not discounted the rumors altogether. It was still possible that Salardi was on the run from an industrial police force. The largest companies maintained their own protection systems—sometimes their own armies—and, when they employed a million or more people, often had their own sets of laws. Salardi could have been employed by a gargantuan industry, could have broken their plant laws somehow, and could be on the run from a private police force.

He went into the bathroom and, without turning on any lights, found the cold water faucet, filled the sink, bent and splashed his face until he was shivering all over. He dried his face. He felt no better. Standing before the mirror in the dark, he tried to see his face and could not, was glad that he could not. Your dream contained a number of familiar symbols, including the broken road, which is, to you, THE PAST. I don't want my dreams analyzed, St. Cyr told it. The buildings equal old memories.

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