A prairie populist: the memoirs of Luna Kellie by Luna Kellie

By Luna Kellie

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And so I never vote [and] did not for years hardly look Page xix at a political paper. I feel that nothing is likely to be done to benefit the farming class in my lifetime. So I busy myself with my garden and chickens and have given up all hope of making the world any better. As an autobiographical ending, this passage is a powerfully compressed statement. Throughout the preceding pages, the Kellie homestheir series of sod houses, then a more spacious wooden structure, finally an unfinished additionrepresent the core of Luna Kellie's experience and self.

Page 15 Then one forenoon came a widow woman whose land cornered ours. My father had told me about her coming out to talk to him as he passed there to the Blacksmith shop and to go to his timber claim. She tried to be very sociable and had travelled a great deal, had been to college when young and quite well off. She stayed to dinner but I did not ask her back and never returned her call. That was the extent of the callers that summer except [for] Mrs. Buss a distant relative by marriage whom I was delighted to see and made a confidant of, urging her to come often.

When I think back now to the little girl I really was when I came to Nebraska not quite 19 years old with a dearly loved husband left behind and a bright healthy baby boy who lived entirely on his mother's milk, it does not seem strange that I was unnaturally homesick and nothing around seemed good to me. Of course I was very glad to see my father and brothers and sister again but to see them in such wretched circumstances made me heartsick indeed and I would not go to any of the neighbors' for some time and felt most wretched when any of them came there as I could not realize that they were no better off and indeed many of them not nearly so well off as we were.

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