A Bibliography of Nyaya Philosophy by Krishna Chakraborty Banguly (ed)

By Krishna Chakraborty Banguly (ed)

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Avilable from Vängälir Särasvata Avadän, pt. I. VaAge Navyanyäya Carcä. Calcutta, Vaüglya Sähitya Parishat, 1358. Saktiväda. MSS Source : T. M. S, S. Mahal Library, Tanjore. < Saktiväda, a treatise on logic, by G. Bh. with a comm. called $aktivädärtliadipikä or Sakii Vadavivarana by Krishna Bhatta. Benares, 1869. Pratyaksäloka tikä. MSS. (Ref. available from VäÄgälir Särasvata Avadän pt. I Vange Source : British Museum Catalogue9 London. 30 A BIBLIOGRAPHY Gadädhara Bhattäcärya—contd. ©F NYÄYA PHILOSOPHY Gadädhara Bhattäcärya — contd.

Edited by Motiläl Lädhä. Poona, 1926. 21 cm. (Arhatänataprabhäkara Series no. I). Source : National Library, Calcutta. Hamänamimaihsä. Ed. by Pandit Sukhlälji Sanghavi, Singhi Jaina Series. Syadvädamanjari. A comm. by Mallisena on Hemacandra's Anyayogavyavaccheda—dvatriMikastavana ; a compendium of the logic of Jaina Metaphysics and refutation of other systems of philosophy in 32 stanzas. Ed. by Damodara Läl Goswämi. Benares, 1900. (CSS. no. 9). Source : National Library, Cat cutta. *Syädvadamanjari of Malik ena with Anyayogavyavaccheda-Devatrimsika of Hemacandra.

Source : Sanskrit Sähityct Parishat, Calcutta. Prämänyavädah. Edited by Känci Prativadl Bhayankara Anantäcärya. 1901, Source : Sanskrit Sähitya Parishat9 Calcutta. Prämä$yaväda. with Tattvacintämani by GaftgegOpädhyäya and Dldhiti by Raghunätha Siromani. Edited by P. B. Ananthachäriar. Conjeeveram, Sudarsana Press, 1901. pp. ii, 4, 262. 22x14 cm. (Sästra Muktävall, no. 4). Source : India Office Library Catalogue, London. Gadädhara Bhatfäcärya .. Contd. Navya Nyäya carcä. Calcuttaf Vangiya Sähitya Parishat, 1358).

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