A.B. Simpson. His Life and Work by A.E. Thompson

By A.E. Thompson

The e-book A.B. Simpson: His lifestyles and paintings reveals the biography of evangelist and founding father of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

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To be merely factual would fall short of the readers’ expectations. Any attempt to rationalize would rob it of its spiritual impact and deny the supernatural in the life and work of this Christ-centered personality. We cannot overlook the influence of a good home, hard work, self-discipline, and divine providences. If this were done, some might be tempted to suspect the author of trying to glamorize and canonize our founder. But he has done neither. He has instead endeavored to show the hand of God in and upon a single life whose words and works have enriched the whole church in the whole world.

My roommate was cynical and utterly unspiritual. At the same time he had a fine literary taste and was fond of poetry which he was always reading or repeating. There was a certain attraction about him, but altogether his influence over me was bad. “I did not cease to pray or to walk in some measure with God, but the sweetness and preciousness of my early piety withered. * My religious life was chiefly that of duty, with little joy or fellowship. In a word, my heart was unsanctified, and I had not yet learned the secret of the indwelling Christ and the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

My companion was too frightened to help me, but his shouts attracted some men in a little boat a short distance away, and they pulled me out just as I was sinking for the last time, and laid me on the river bank. As I came back to consciousness a while afterwards, it seemed to me that years had passed since I was last on earth. I am sure that experience greatly deepened my spiritual earnestness. “But, like other boys, I often passed from the sublime to the ridiculous as this little incident will show.

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