501 Latin Verbs by Richard E. Prior

By Richard E. Prior

The main typical 510 Latin verbs are prepared alphabetically in a desk structure, one verb in line with web page with English translation. each one verb is totally conjugated and awarded in all kinds. The book's extra good points contain instance sentences to illustrate verb utilization and a grammar evaluate.

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501 Latin Verbs

The main commonplace 510 Latin verbs are prepared alphabetically in a desk layout, one verb according to web page with English translation. every one verb is totally conjugated and awarded in all varieties. The book's extra gains comprise instance sentences to illustrate verb utilization and a grammar overview.

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Accipe accipite SUBJUNCTIVE IMPERATIVE I INFINITIVE Pres. Perf. Fut. accipere accepisse acceptilrus (-a, -um) esse Pres. Perf. Fut. accipiens, (-ntis) accipi acceptus (-a, -um) esse acceptum iri PARTICIPLE acceptilrus (-a, -um) GERUND accipiendi, -6, -um, -6 acceptus (-a, -um) accipiendus (-a, -um) (GERUNDIVE) SUPINE acceptum, -U Alternate forms: accepso = accepero See capio for other compounds of this verb. Model sentence: Qui dedit beneficium taceat: narret qui accepit. - Seneca 28 aceiiso accuso, accusare, accusavl, accusatum charge, accuse ACTIVE PASSIVE INDICATIVE Pres.

Aestuaveris aestuaverit aestuaverint SUBJUNCTIVE Pres. aestuem aestuemus aestues aestuetis aestuet aestuent Impf aestuarem aestuaremus aestuares aestuaretis aestuaret aestuarent Peif. aestuaverim aestuaverimus aestuaveris aestuaveritis aestuaverint aestuaverit Plup. aestuavissem aestuavissemus aestuavisses aestuavissetis aestuavisset aestuavissent IMPERATIVE Pres. aestua aestuate INFINITIVE Pres. aestuare Peif. aestuavisse Fut. aestuatUrus (-a, -um) esse PARTICIPLE Active Passive Pres. aestuans, (-ntis) Peif.

Fut. affligere afflixisse afflictiirus (-a, -um) esse Pres. f Fut. affligens, (-ntis) affligi afflictus (-a, -um) esse afflictum iri PARTICIPLE afflictiirus (-a, -um) GERUND affligendi, -o, -um, -o afflictus (-a, -um) affligendus (-a, -um) (GERUNDIVE) SUPINE afflictum, -ii Alternate forms : adfligo = affligo; affiixint = afflixerint Compounds and related words: affiicto (1) harass; affiictor, -is, m. agitator; affiictus, -a, -um damaged; confligo (3) smash together Model senlence: Te ad terram, see/us, adfligam.

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