Video games Can create worlds most can only dream of, why would you create barriers to those worlds?

Mark Barlet


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June 2016  – I am the Executive Director of the AbleGamers Charity, and CEO of the Barlet Group, a technology company that supports federal and commercial customers. I am pasionate about Accessibility, Video Games, Music, Fashion and Food.

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How exactly to ‘sell’ yourself when obtaining a working task or raised. Part 2

How exactly to ‘sell’ yourself when obtaining a working task or raised. Part 2 Once we have already told, you can find three possibilities to “sell” yourself within the work market:

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Just did an interview with @CBC Radio 1 on Game Accessibility and where we were vs where we are going!
Today has been a day of running around like a 🐔 with head ✂️ off, and yet I feel like I got nothing at all done.
Hey #NewOrleans how is someone in a wheelchair ever going to reach this button? #a11y . Thanks @GregJHazy
This week has been great! @collideswithham presented her paper on gamers /w disabilities in Europe. @GregJHazy ,……@markbarlet