Video games Can create worlds most can only dream of, why would you create barriers to those worlds?

Mark Barlet


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June 2016  – I am the Executive Director of the AbleGamers Charity, and CEO of the Barlet Group, a technology company that supports federal and commercial customers. I am pasionate about Accessibility, Video Games, Music, Fashion and Food.

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My Evening with the Father of Video Games
My Evening with the Father of Video Games

About 8 years ago I had a chance to meet the father of video games, Ralph Baer. He invited me to come and have tea at his house outside of Boston. I was in full nerd mode, and I took my two classic SIMON games for him to sign, because he invented that too! We

VR: Shut-up and Take Your Headache
VR: Shut-up and Take Your Headache

I did a talk at the Game Developers Conference this year in San Francisco, and my take away was, “they are going to force VR down our gullets, want it or not” If you follow a gaming blog, tech news, or even walk pass a cell phone store, you know that Virtual Reality is coming

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Lillie has a snow day! She is heading to puppy obedience class this afternoon. Busy Corgi Day! #Corgi #puppy
Lillie is having a romp on the snow. I think this is her first snow!
RT @cdevalor: Los héroes que obligan a los gigantes a pensar en los ‘gamers’ con discapacidad @CristinaSanzM @AbleGamersESP @AbleGamers ht…@markbarlet
Lillie is spending the day with Daddy at @AbleGamers Center. She is tired from all her running around. #Corgi #puppy
Lillie's right ear has stood up, but the left one is still under construction. #Corgi #puppy